Map of Noise Complaints In Eugene, OR (6/14 – 6/18)

Noise Complaints – Eugene, OR – (6/14 – 6/18)

Like most college towns, a primary conflict in Eugene, OR, is between the residents of Eugene and the college students who live, learn, and most importantly for Partyology 101, party there. This conflict tends to manifest as noise complaints: students throw parties and bring the noise, and neighbors respond by bringing the cops. Things have apparently gotten out of hand enough for the city council to pass the Social Host Ordinance, which severely punishes those students who host “unruly social gatherings.”

Graduation happened about two weeks ago, and I figured that there’d have been a lot of noise brought. I was surprised, then, when I looked at the dispatch log of the Eugene Police Department for 6/14 to 6/18 and found a smaller number of noise complaints than I had expected. The most noise complaints were filed on 6/16, the day before graduation, which makes sense.

A couple theories for why there wasn’t as much intense revelry as I’d expected: 1. The obvious one is that since it’s summer, less students are here to party and cause mischief, and 2. Since school is out, there’s less of a need to vent and relieve stress by partying.

Explanation of marker colors: 6/14: light blue; 6/15: light green; 6/16: green; 6/17: red; 6/18: purple.

(Note: A noise complaint in the dispatch log doesn’t necessarily indicate a party, but it is a reasonable supposition.)


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