Jaclyn Umenhofer

My name is Jaclyn Umenhofer and I am a senior at the University of Oregon. I previously attended college at Eastern Oregon University and William Paterson University of New Jersey.  I am incredibly interested in broadcasting and fashion.  When I was fifteen, I interned for Seventeen magazine in New York and, at Seventeen, I was able to assist the March 2008 cover shoot, which further fueled my love for style. I am incredibly passionate about my work, whether it be fashion related or academically related. Just check my Twitter account– I am always keeping busy on new projects. Or, you can also add me on Facebook or Instagram.

I work part time at White House Black Market as a stylist and I also work at the SOJC Development Office in Allen Hall.

jaclyn umenhofer

I’m not all cardigans and high heels though, as I truly enjoy emotionally touching work as well. Some of my most satisfying work has been focused around incredible people with inspiring stories to tell. I enjoy human interest stories quite a bit…!

I see the world in an artistic format; I am incredibly visual.  As long as I’ve got my coffee in hand, consider me unstoppable.



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