Let’s Talk Solarcredits…

When you’re swallowed by a Great Sarnath on the Tribbileum Plains you don’t feel anything. Everything just goes dark before you’re dropped into its bile ducts for reprocessing into a nutrient paste for the alien fiend. Of course, I was too drunk to care about the danger. I was only concerned about one thing.

“Let’s talk solarcredits,” I said.

Jumping down a Great Sarnath was a bet I couldn’t refuse. Not since I was living on borrowed time.

Lean-Legged Macgilicutty was the worst of the worst. A wild-eyed criminal of the very lowest caliber only whispered about in the darkness of unruly tap rooms located on the Outer Rim. Crooked, filed teeth were placed haphazardly in his mouth that did little to stop the ever flowing stream of drool his black gob produced from dribbling onto his many chins. Snarlaxians have 18. But L.L. has 27 being one of the more corpulent of specimens. The stench alone would be enough to stagger a Martian Ox if they weren’t extinct.

“You get me my favorite pair of spacepants that I lost in Ol’ Betty, and I’ll give you 1,000,000 creds,” L.L. said.

“Lookin’ to get rid of me so soon Macgilicutty? And why in hell did you lose a pair of spacepants down the throat of a Great Sarnath?”

“Don’t change the subject. Are you in?” L.L. drawled.

The Spirium Syndicate would be on my trail in no time. It would take them only slightly longer to travel the 13 parsecs to catch up to me out here on the outer rim. I could go farther out, into unexplored space, to escape. But I might not come back. There were darker things than the Syndicate waiting for unwary travelers out in the black. Many tentacled horrors possessed of great madness.

I owed the Syndicate. Big time. A cool million could make a dent. I was a dead man if I didn’t. I was certainly dead if I did.

“Looks like I got no choice.”

My name is Ben Kendall. When I’m not being hunted by interdimensional criminal organizations, I scribble and produce films. I have been known to market for media companies and produce commercials. I can sing and dance. And if given the chance I can grow an epic beard (not pictured).

You can follow me @thebenkendall on twitter.

Some of my video work is here.

The Author Exposed


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