Sydne Sloy

Hi all! My name is Sydne (as mentioned 1236958_10201436173402477_469598176_nabove) and I am a senior here at the wonderful U of O. I just recently changed my major from advertising to journalism (and am kind of freaking out…it’s my senior year!) because I found an extreme interest in storytelling through visual effects be it multimedia stories or documentaries. I realized I wanted to get into the industry after watching the film Earthlings. It changed my life and I wanted to be able to make an impact on people in the way I was impacted by that film. Enough with the serious stuff. I’m from Boring, Oregon  (I’m trying to create a life that in no way reflects the name of my hometown), I currently work at Eugene Country Club, have been hired at both Ethos and Envision online magazines, am minoring in multimedia, and am trying to do as much as I can before I graduate and enter the real world!


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