A local food guide for vegetarians



Photo by JoaoleitaoTravel from Flickr with Creative Commons licensing

This past January I decided to become a vegetarian, rather a “flexitarian.” After educating myself on diet and watching endless food documentaries on Netflix, I decided to cut out meat from my diet, but most importantly I decided to eat more organic and more local.

It took one family vacation to Pennsylvania to realize how spoiled I was with vegetarian dinning options here in Eugene. So, for my assignment I would like to investigate what Eugene has to offer for fellow flexitarian’s like me. I plan to see which restaurants have the most appetizing vegetarian options like, Viva! Vegetarian,  find out the best spots to buy organic produce like, The Saturday Market, and discover why it is so convenient to be a vegetarian in Eugene. I will post my findings to my twitter page: SOJChristina 



Personal photo from Studio One Cafe 

Some helpful blogs I found were:

1. The Best New Vegan Restaurants in LA 

I like the layout and the idea.

2. Will Travel for Vegan Food 

3. Hungry Vegan 

I really liked this blog! It is very similar to what I want to do with reviewing local restaurants. Plus the pictures made my mouth water.

4. Restaurant Girl

I liked how this blog includes Q&A’s and guides to cities. Maybe I can create a guide for Eugene’s vegetarians.

5. Slow Food Eugene 

By: Christina Renninger


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