Calling all Coffee Lovers!


Photo by Nicole Daniel

For this class, I am choosing to cover the topic that has helped me survive the last three years of college. Coffee, glorious coffee! One thing I have noticed while living in Eugene is that there are coffee shops on almost every single block. Some even have up to three shops located within football throwing distance of one another (and that’s saying a lot since my football skills aren’t all that great). It makes me wonder though, how do all these coffee shops stay in business, especially with Dutch Bros and Starbucks popping up everywhere while we’re sleeping? Each one must have something, even the tiniest characteristic, that attracts different groups of people. And enough people so they don’t go out of business and fall to the mighty chains. My goal is to find out what that special something is. Are the employees attentive, attractive or secret opera singers who belt out some amazing song while making coffee? Maybe I’ve been watching too much of The Voice. Anyway, there has to be something other than high doses of caffeine that attracts every resident to all 99 coffee shops in Eugene (as stated by Yahoo).

The following blogs feature one thing and one thing only, coffee. They’re funny, insightful and they clearly show that this country might be a tad obsessed with caffeine… but I’m not one to judge. Follow the links to check them out!

1. Dear Coffee, I Love You – This blog teaches you everything you need to know about all coffee makers from the French Press to something called a Syphon, as well as where in the world these beloved devices are most used. DCILY (as it is referred to) takes its readers on trips around the world to see how coffee is grown is varying places and the different techniques that are used to create those flavors we have all grown to love.

2. Pure Coffee Blog – This blog is written by a coffee fanatic (who isn’t nowadays) who reviews coffee shops and their products. If you’re traveling to a new city and need to know where the best coffee and tea shops are, check this blog out! Always be prepared!

3. Prima Coffee – Want the latest and greatest coffee machines, espresso makers, grinders and anything coffee related? Check out this blog for detailed reviews of products and instructive videos on how to use the products.

4. Gimme! Coffee – This blog is a one stop shop for everything coffee related. Purchase coffee, learn how to purchase the “right” kind of coffee, learn the difference between beans, learn how to use your coffee makers properly and read about so much more.

5. Stumptown Coffee Roasters – Stumptown Coffee Roasters is a blog that promotes their own business, claiming that coffee is “king” but that their interactions and relationships with customers is what makes them the best. Join this community of coffee lovers for frequent events and get togethers. Or educate yourself about that dark stuff you can’t refrain from pouring into your body on a daily basis.


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