Lights, Camera, Fashion!

Well, I tried with all my might to avoid it. I tried to resist the little voice inside my head that whispered “red lipstick” and “gaudy jewelry.”

I am going to focus on fashion.

Firstly, did you know that there are several recyclable fashion shops in the Springfield/Eugene area?  YES.

Thrift shopping

1. Buffalo Exchange on 5th Avenue in Eugene.

2. Remix Apparel Exchange on Mohawk in Springfield.

3. Flipside Apparel Exchange (women’s clothing only) on Marcola Road in Springfield.

4. Deluxe on Willamette in Eugene.

When it comes to buying new clothes, what is a poor college student to do? Sometimes the best finds are at second hand stores or apparel exchange shops. I’m imagining that there are several opportunities to focus on human interest stories in town… after all, who is it that opens these shops?

I want to dig a little deeper into local backstories.

And we mustn’t forget about the local fashion shows and brands.  Also, when checking out runway trends, it’s hard to see what’s practical and wearable. Analyzing runway trends and comparing them to practical street wear might also be appropriate for the UO audience. Colorblocking, bows, and camo… popular looks this fall, but do they translate to campus wear? Perhaps a trend report is in order.

A few blogs I perused for inspiration are as follows:

1. Olivia Palermo’s Fashion Blog

2. Fashion and Style Blog

3. Giovanna Battaglia’s blog (Editor at W Magazine– from one of my past internships)

4. Forever 21 Blog

5. Fashion Toast 



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