Puppy Raising

4 months ago I added a new member to my family. Murphy is a six month old cockapoo puppy, that was a graduation present I bought for myself following spring term. While, I originally thought that I would not have enough time to give a puppy the proper attention, I decided to become something that is often ill-advised: a student pet-owner.

Having a puppy was more time consuming than I originally thought. A summer that would normally have been spent at the lake or the bars, was instead spent at the Veterinarians office,the groomers, and playing fetch in the living room.

While, having Murphy has been a full time commitment it is something that I am making up as I go. Since I am new to the pet owning world, as are many college students it would be informative to do a series on how students raise and care for animals with their packed schedules.








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