burrito breakdown

Originally, I wanted to do something focusing on local music venues & acts but I wasn’t quite sure what direction that was going to go— everyone knows about mcdonald and wow hall and rjd2 and whatnot, and it just didn’t seem like there was a lot of fresh ground to cover in that topic, so I decided to go in a completely different direction.Burrito2

(burrito picture by Cass Anderson)

I grew up in the American southwest (Phoenix / Las Vegas) and while moving to Oregon has been one of the best choices I’ve ever made in my life, I really miss the southwest’s “authentic” Mexican food. Some spots in Eugene come close, but nothing quite reaches the tastes and flavors I remember. Maybe it’s the water. I don’t know. But the point is, that’s what I miss & that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to search for the best burrito(/Mexican food spot) in Eugene, and possibly Salem/Portland, if I can find transportation. Maybe these locations will be mapped in relation to Latino populations in Oregon, because I’m sure there’s got to be some correlation. Maybe it’s the different ingredients different shops choose to use— the bean choice makes all the difference. So does the cheese. So does the meat for that matter. There’s a lot that goes into the perfect burrito, and I aim to unwrap exactly what that is.

Here’s a list of some places that serve burritos in Eugene that I will investigate;

  • Burrito Boy
  • Riva’s
  • El Super Burrito
  • El Pato Verde
  • Burrito Amigos
  • Laughing Planet
  • that vegan food cart on 12th and high? maybe it’s willamette. It’s over there somewhere
  • the African food cart right by McKenzie hall
  • El Taco Express (in Springfield, near Autzen)
  • Qdoba
  • Chipotle
  • Taco Bell

(those last 3 will probably form some sort of control group, as they aren’t specific to Eugene/Oregon)

I’m sure there are many more I have missed, I mean those are just in general university neighborhoods. The point is there are lots of burritos out there and very few of them come close to acceptable burrito standards, in my opinion.

Some blogs about burritos (Apparently this idea isn’t as fresh as I had hoped, but I still think it’s fairly fresh for Eugene at least.):




http://www.thebraiser.com/nate-silver-burrito-blog/ (nate silver even got in on the action)

p.s. I am kind of shocked that people found the time to write thousands upon thousands of words about the individual burritos they have eaten. That is dedication and also a little insane.


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