Eugene Creative

Eugene, Oregon is a very art driven city, with inspiration literally growing on trees. With so many different kinds of artists in one place, it’s no doubt that anyone is able to immerse themselves in many different crafts in Eugene. Therefore, I’ve had quite the hard time deciding on one topic to focus one, but I’ve finally narrowed it down to two: Microbrews and Glass Artists.

The Northwest in general created this sort of unspoken beer snob club, but after wondering into a couple breweries around Eugene I realized these brew artists are less snobby and more of beer geeks. I talked to some lovely young men at Falling Sky, who gave me a little tour around the shop, and told me everything I would ever need to know about starting my own home brew. I never knew how creative and geeked out you could get with making your own beer. So after I strapped on my beer goggles I check out some helpful blogs. – This writer does great reviews, and his/her favorite way to drink each beer he/she reviews. – great reviews and pictures. – Poetic, hilariously clever. – great reviews on brews from all over. – creative ways to use your brew.

Eugene is also full of amazing glass artists; and many outlets for upcoming artists, artists in training, or even just hobbyists. Personally, I’ve taken a glass blowing class at the University of Oregon Craft Center. I learned so much, but realized how much skill is needed (especially if you’re creating by yourself, I didn’t have enough hands!). After being inspired by my great instructors at the craft center, I browsed for some more ideas on general glass art blogs. – beautiful work, step-by-step pictures. – so pretty, so talented. – examples of work and inspiration. – new artists and galleries. – museums and glass exhibits.

I now that I’m full of inspiration I just need to make a decision!


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