Puppy Love

Doesn’t everyone love puppies?Image

I mean look at those precious little guys (or girls)! Yes, I am aware that they grow into dogs, but I love dogs, too! My love for puppies, dogs, and all other animals has led me to my topic for this class: pet rescue.

There are far too many animal shelters that euthanize dogs before they ever even get a second chance of a loving home. I do not condone euthanizing in any situation; animals are supposed to act like animals. They should not be killed for acting out in aggression or because there isn’t room for them at a shelter. Make room!

Greenhill Human Society has been criticized in the past for euthanizing dogs for improper reasons and having dogs that were too skinny. When dogs are in shelters for too long, they get stressed out and many begin to lose weight and become unhealthy. After some research I found my new favorite place in Eugene: Luv-A-Bull.

Luv-A-Bull is a nonprofit rescue organization that began as saving the oh-so-terrifying Pitbull breed. They have now extended their acceptance and are working to save any dogs that they can. Luv-A-Bull (I just love that name!) rescues dogs from high-kill shelters and creates loving habitats and friendly social situations for their new community members.

Some blogs I dug up from people with a mutual passion for saving dogs follow :









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