So many thoughts, too much to write about – technology and pups

For some people, the decision of what to blog about and devote all hours of school focused attention might be easy. There’s so much to evaluate within the eccentric culture of Eugene – food, protests, organic this and that, wine, beer, animal shelters, college students, homeless people…the list is never ending. I find myself never able to write about these topics that may not be cliche, but in my eyes I can’t simply put my own spin on them when they’ve already been taken, analyzed, and published for me as a reader to regurgitate that information. Sometimes I know I think too hard, but eventually everything clicks and the ideas come to me. It just takes me longer than most…

So bare with me. These ideas are rough. But something is going to form into a successful topic that readers will actually enjoy and I’ll feel passionate about. That’s what I need as a journalist – passion to fuel my best work.

Topic idea #1

Eugene youth engage in a technology detox to rediscover their human side


University of Oregon students speed walk through campus feet first, eyes down, unaware of the cars crossing the street or peers waving their hands shouting to try and gain their attention. No chance – headphones or ear buds are in, and nothing else in the world matters. Technology takes over. Students have lost all real human contact and eventually expect more from technology than their own personal relationships.Image

It’s the addiction to social media that draws attention to this issue. Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and all related sites keep our eyes glued to our phones. Technology is especially useful in the college environment, so University of Oregon students suffer from the local epidemic specifically.

Topic Idea #2

Eugene Luv-A-Bull looking for love and student volunteers

Another topic I would love to blog about and make my readers more aware of would be animal adoption in the Eugene area, and the various opportunities open for students and adults to volunteer walking dogs and donating time to an organization so concerned about the environment, the community, and the animals living in it.


This website is an amazing resource for dog lovers like me who want to play with the puppies, spend time with them and prospective owners, and help out with the organization. 

More local adoption information is available at

The Luv-A-Bull organization in Texas has a great blog that gives great insight to how groups around the country like Luv-A-Bull in Eugene, Oregon generate community awareness and social outreach to make their program more successful and available with information. Supporters can know what is going on with the program, and how they can become active volunteers.


The Butte Humane Society does a successful job in raising awareness on their site Various blog posts show how people in the community become involved and find a new passion for saving animals.

This blog encourages even more locals to reach out and volunteer.



These are just a few of my ideas. However, my wheels are constantly turning and spinning in different directions so who knows where I will actually take this. But blogging about something I have a passion for is the key. So discovering exactly what that passion is will be a lot of fun.


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