Crumby, Not Crummy

By Nicole Daniel

This past weekend, I began my journey to discover what makes each coffee shop in Eugene stand out from the rest. How can three to four coffee shops stay in business on the same block? What draws crowds of people to those locations everyday?

To help answer my many questions, I took a trip down Oak street in downtown Eugene where I stumbled upon a coffee shop loaded with freshly baked cookies and reasonably priced coffee drinks. Cookies and coffee together in the same place? I knew it was going to be good. 

Photo by Nicole Daniel

Photo by Nicole Daniel

Crumb Together opened its shop doors to the public only two years ago. Since then, owners Deirdre and Tony Stirpe have dedicated their lives to growing their once small dream into a huge and successful reality.

The name itself, both catchy and memorable, is a play on words of the well known song, “Come Together,” by The Beatles. Tony explains on the store’s website that the name is intended to evoke a colorful and happy feeling. You’re guaranteed to leave with the song stuck in your head and a smile on your face.

Photo by Nicole Daniel

Photo by Nicole Daniel

Now let’s talk about the important stuff. When asked what makes them interesting, Tony replied, “We have gourmet cookies baked fresh everyday.” That’s good enough for me! Crumb Together has every cookie flavor from Espresso Hazelnut and Chocolate Salty to something called the Oregon Trail. Loaded with marshmallows, one bite will leave your tastebuds wanting more. Clearly, I love my sweets.

Photo by Nicole Daniel

Photo by Nicole Daniel

As for the coffee, Crumb Together offers prices lower than most competitors and options that suit any craving you may have. My drink order consisted of a Chai Tea Latte and The Crumby (yes, I ordered two drinks). The latte was deliciously smooth and rich with flavor. The Crumby, which is similar to a Mexican mocha, should be the number one choice for all chocolate fans out there.



From amazing service and a fun atmosphere to delicious drinks, and let’s not forget the cookies, Crumb Together is a strong competitor in the Eugene coffee shop fight.

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