Greenhill Humane Society

Doing the best they can to provide new happy homes

I have made my final decision to do my term project on Greenhill Humane Society. I knew I wanted to involve animals in my project because I grew up surrounded by them and can’t help but to love every species. Due to other time commitments (useless things like school, projects, writing for magazines, and work) and pet restrictions at my apartment, I never get the chance to be around furry, fuzzy, feathery, slimy, or scaly creatures. Unless you count my roommate. In other words, I love animals, I want to help animals, so why not do a project promoting animal adoption?

On Sunday I decided to go sniffing around Greenhill. It seems like it is out in the middle of nowhere, but once I got there I was overcome by many different emotions. I was so happy to see some friendly dogs who just wanted to be let out to play (I’m assuming by the wag of their tails and jumping on the door to the cage), but also heartbroken to see the other dogs cowering in a corner as far away from viewers as possible. Each dog had a sign by his or her kennel describing his/her personality, age, medical history, and of course, name.


After saying goodbye to the precious pups, I wandered over to the “small pet” section. The first thing I saw was a boy, ok I guess he was a man, in a cage. I held back from asking if he was up for adoption when I saw he was wearing a “Volunteer” shirt and petting a bunny.


We talked and after asking a few questions I learned several different rabbit’s names and some information about volunteering at the shelter. A while later he directed me to the “Cattery,” my last stop at the shelter.

The Cattery is a very bright and welcoming room with all sorts of cat toys and climbable structures and scratching posts. As one would imagine, the place was crawling with cats and kittens. I think when crazy cat ladies die, their heaven is a place extremely similar to the Cattery.

After observing the cats long enough to replicate their agile moves (I’ve always wanted to be Cat Woman), I decided to end my self-led tour. I now have an interview scheduled for Tuesday, October 8 with a woman named Sasha so I can get an insight on the day-to-day lives of the residing pets. I’m excited to go back and visit my furry friends again!


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