An outing to the vegan mini mall! A few of my favorite places.

So this weekend, I went on an outing to the vegan mini mall in SE Portland! I go quite a bit when I’m home visiting family or in the summers, but it’s definitely been a while. Food Fight is my favorite because you rarely see grocery stores that only supply vegetarian and vegan food and products. Herbivore is pretty amazing as well because of their massive supply of clothing that doesn’t use any animal products whatsoever! And finally, Sweetpea bakery. Quite frankly, there’s nothing better than sweets that don’t harm the environment! Located on 12th and Stark in Southeast Portland, your veggie needs are all in one place!

Also this weekend, while reading through one of my usual blogs that I follow, I decided to follow them on twitter (which I wasn’t, for some unknown reason) and ask them about doing a possible interview for the project. They tweeted back in a matter of minutes with an ecstatic “We’d love to!” so it’s settled, this coming weekend, the creators of Diesel Food are going to let me film them cooking a new creation, which I believe will be sweet potato tacos! Not only will I get to meet some new people with similar eating habits and environmental values, but I’ll get to eat a delicious homemade vegan creation! What could possibly be better than that?


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