Beginning the Burrito Bracket

Ask thirty people what their favorite place to get a burrito in town is, you’re likely to get thirty different answers. Who would have guessed there were this many burrito shops in Eugene? After talking to dozens of people on campus, around town, and on social media, I was able to narrow the list down to the top sixteen restaurants (keeping in mind that this term is “only” ten weeks and my wallet is only so full):

  • Riva’s
  • El Super Burrito
  • Burrito Boy
  • Burrito Amigos
  • Chipotle
  • Qdoba
  • El Pato Verde
  • El Taco Express
  • Juanitas
  • Laughing Planet
  • Jalisco’s
  • Mucho Gusto
  • Daniel’s Mexican Restaurant
  • Cafe Siena
  • Taqueria Mi Terria

These sixteen eateries will have the once-in-a-term chance to claim the crown of “Best Burrito in Eugene”. I found a website, , that could make a bracket and randomize the seeds for me. Seed numbers are totally arbitrary, I entered the names and hit “randomize seeds” three times in order to mix up the challengers a bit, ensuring a fair contest by essentially forcing me to go to these places in a timely fashion to give them proper judging.

Scoring will be done very simply, 3 categories (taste, size, price) will be judged on a scale of 1-5 and added together for total score. A fourth category, combining atmosphere and service will be used in the case of tiebreakers only, because I’m not going to a 5 star restaurant for a burrito (and not expecting one either).


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