Changed My Mind… Again


So I’m sticking with running for my final topic of choice. I did some research and discovered that there is still quite a bit of learning I need to do about this sport and this class is the perfect opportunity for me to do so. For my future blog posts I’d like to cover different aspects of a runner’s world, such as the best choice of footwear, the best places to run, the best running playlists, the best foods to eat to support one’s exercise routine, and so on. I’d also like to highlight different running events around the world since running is a universal sport. There is certainly a lot to work with here in Eugene. I made my first steps on twitter by following brands and users that had quite a bit to say about running. @brooksrunning,@runnersworld@saucony@GoTrackTownUSA, and @womensrunning are some of my favorites so far. Twitter is a good place to start for basic information on running. Runner’s World is also a great site with information on training, gear, health, motivation, races, and more. For my first formal blog post on this topic, I’d like to start out with a creative infographic i found online.



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