Resale, recycle, and reuse oh my!

By: Jaclyn Umenhofer

I am quite the shopaholic, if I do say so myself. Yet, working fewer hours during the school year greatly impacts my wallet. I have less to spend on fun things. That being said, I have to be thrifty when shopping. I have the desire to scratch the shopping itch, but I have to make shopping work with MY budget.

Instead of merely talking about resale shopping, I decided to go out and do some shopping myself this weekend. Finding the deals is the hardest part. One must keep a close eye out for styles and garments that might work.

First stop was Flipside Apparel Exchange, located on Mohawk in Springfield.


store front

I am incredibly visual– putting piecesblue heels together is my specialty. I found several things at Flipside that I liked. The best part? I placed the items that I wanted to purchase on hold because I plan to take in some of my old things to redeem for trade value this week. Not a dime spent… I’m simply recycling my fashion.

dress and blue heels

Check out my tweets. I captured my  entire Flipside experience with photos and I made myself quite comfortable in Flipside’s quaint space. The blue heels pictured to the right were only $10.

Once I left Flipside, I drove over to the St. Vincent de Paul‘s in Springfield on Q street. I was definitely not disappointed. It was a bit harder to get some quality shots, but I did snap a few pics to show off my new duds from St. Vinny’s.

grey heels

deco top

Faux grey seude heels for $15 (pictured above).

Polyester deco neckline top for $3.27 (pictured right). Mint ankle length jeans for 4.97 (pictured right).

All in all, I would deem this shopping trip to be a success. Granted, I didn’t actually purchase the grey heels, but they were a great find nonetheless.

What can YOU find on a college budget?


mint jeansAside from my shopping excursion, I would like to note that several shops in the Springfield/Eugene area are owned locally and there are stories behind all of them. I plan to report on these soon.

-Jaclyn Umenhofer


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