Some Research…

By Ben Kendall

During the weekend, my research of the topic brought me to many websites concerning the current state of MMA. The sport has come a long way since the last time I actively followed it (14 years ago).

That is a remarkable amount of time. It also makes me feel quite old.

I had been obliquely involved in MMA when I was 18 years old. I intend to continue to tell the story of my first foray into fighting as this blog continues, as well as my current one. As I mentioned age, I believe that this would be the primary reason as to why I feel the need to write and participate in MMA again. After all I am on “the wrong side of thirty.” I feel that if I am going to do this in my life it has to be now.

The tools utilized for the research were, of course, the internet. There are a great deal of independent website publishers on this subject. It seems to have exploded in popularity in recent years. A good exploration would be to discover the why of this explosion.

I have a few contacts at local MMA gyms that would be able to help me out. Ryan Kelly at Northwest Martial Arts Academy in Eugene and Gerald Strebendt and Nathan Wallner Northwest Training Center in Springfield (these facilities are not related).

Here is a link I read that has dome good snippets of advice for beginners such as myself.

The parceling out of the work over the term is a work in progress as the shape of my projects are still works in progress.


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