The Beauty of Home Brewing

Some people love wine. I love beer. Ever since I turned 21, I have been testing out different varieties. I love going to the market, picking out a couple 6 packs from different breweries, and expending my brew horizons. Living in the Northwest has done nothing but help to increase my appreciation of beer; it is a great little hub of microbrewing. My roommates and I recently started home brewing and the first batch is delicious. The beauty of home brewing is that your beer can be completely customized. One can use different herbs, hops, and malts to get a specialized flavor. Just like with cooking, everyone’s recipe for the same thing can be completely different.
I have talked to a lot of my friends who home brew and each one has different techniques and different recipes that they swear by. Much like a family recipe, their brews have been perfected through trial and error. The painstaking pursuit of perfection makes the final product so much more rewarding and delicious. I will be chronicling the process of home brewing throughout the term in hopes of bettering my own batches.
I want to use home brewing as my topic because it is a newly found hobby that I know I will be experimenting with a lot this year. I will be brewing with my roommates and other friends and will be learning a lot. I am looking forward to using this time to practicing a new art, as well as (hopefully) getting an excellent grade in the class.

Our first batch of home brew!

Our first batch of home brew!

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I am an Advertising major at the University of Oregon with a multimedia minor. I love using my creative side to solve problems; I have always thought of myself as an idea man. I love socializing and meeting new people. I could eat burritos and sushi every single day for the rest of my life and I would be a happy man. I am happiest when I am spending time with my family and friends.

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