audio slideshow reflection: burrito breakdown

Making this audio slideshow was a nice refresher, as I hadn’t had a real reason to make one since completing the gateway series almost two years ago. Originally, I was planning on profiling the local Eugene burrito shop “Taqueria El Pato Verde” or “The Green Duck Taco Shop” but due to a miscommunication between myself and the owners I was forced to move onto plan B.

Plan B switched the focus from El Pato towards another local staple, Laughing Planet Cafe. I interviewed a friend who worked at the Willamette location, and two days later I was at the store during his shift and took my first pictures. This is where I ran into my second obstacle: I forgot my tripod, and it was nearing dusk. The lack of light meant I needed longer exposures to properly light every shot, but without a tripod, my apparently steady hand betrayed me and many pictures came out slightly blurry. Always bring a tripod kids.

I made do with what I had for the first draft, but before the final cut, I went back out to Laughing Planet (this time during the day) (with my tripod) and reshot several of the blurriest pictures, as well as some new things to match with the audio.

You can watch my final draft here. Enjoy!


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