Making the Audio Slideshow: The Good, the Bad and the Puurrrrfect

I’ve heard a lot of Final Cut horror stories. Hard drives not being recognized, random crashes that lead to the destruction or deletion of projects, tears, frustration, etc. Fortunately for me, the only “problem” I had was my hard drive not being recognized. Every. Single. Time. So, other than having to restart the computer every time I worked on my project, things went rather smoothly.

I was lucky enough to get an interview with one of the most friendly and wonderful women I have ever interviewed, Sasha Elliott. She was very warm, welcoming, informative, and passionate about her work. It was inspiring to talk to a woman who loves her job so much and whose goal is to help animals who cannot help themselves.

I was able to interview her in her office and get some pretty good sounding audio. I went into the kennel and recorded the dogs barking as well, but the other animals I visited (cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs) and took pictures of weren’t very talkative. It was a bit difficult getting good pictures of the animals because they all moved so much, but I just took as many as I could while I was there and went back multiple times to take more (and to play with the dogs).

I thought hard about putting the cemetery slides in my slideshow, but I decided I wanted to capture people’s attention and tear at their hearts a little bit. I had to make a disclaimer that explained the cemetery is a community pet cemetery and not where all the euthanized pets (Greenhill only euthanizes in extreme circumstances) from the shelter go.

I actually really enjoyed the editing of the project. I love Final Cut, even though I barely know how to use it, but I just seem to get lost in the editing process. It was hard choosing which sounds bites to use because my interview lasted about 20-30 minutes, but I was able to pick my favorite, most informative parts. After completing it, I realized my pictures didn’t fill up the whole frame of the slideshow. I had no idea how to fix this so I left it and asked around in class when we showed our rough drafts. Josh was able to help me and I completed my project.

Overall, I think it turned out pretty well and I didn’t have any major troubles putting it together. This project was fun! Now for the video…


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