Pizza Perfection… Eventually.

Upon conversing with friends about my topic, pizza, one of my friends referred me to Austin, a pizza cook aficionado at Sizzle Pie. I messaged him on Facebook with my project proposition and my contact info, and he text messaged me only a few hours later. We made plans to do the photography during his following Saturday evening shift.

I showed up to Sizzle to take photos and it was just beginning to get busy. Austin and his coworkers were very accommodating with allowing me into the kitchen and behind the counter. I think the fact that I have my food handler’s card and have worked in restaurants for many years helped ease concerns they might have had. Though things went pretty smooth, there were some rough parts of shooting. The good camera that I had rented from school died only minutes after I arrived, poor planning on my part I didn’t charge the battery for long enough. I was able to take pictures with my iPhone, but the quality was not as good as I would’ve liked. The last challenge was getting a good variation of angles while shooting without getting in the way of the cooks, it did turn into a very busy Saturday night shift afterall.

I was confident in my ability to finish my project in a timely fashion because all I had left was to get an audio interview with Austin. Then, I got bailed on three times in a row that we had made plans to meet up (one time because he had enjoyed a few too many beers after he had gotten off work). Not fun. I finally was able to meet up with him at 11 at night. We were able to record some good audio in my car. Except for being a little short with his answers and not saying the word pizza or Sizzle Pie nearly enough, things went pretty smooth while recording.

As for assembling the video, I had problems with Final Cut recognizing my hard drive, which was a pain, and even after I got that sorted out I had to leave for work so I saved what I had and left the computer lab. When I returned to work on my project my work was no where to be found. (Keep in mind that I needed help even getting the program to work with my hard drive in the first place so I had help getting everything set up from the technicians.) When I returned to work on my video my work was no where to be found. Either way, I had one export saved of the audio I had edited because I feared something was going to go awry, so I worked with what I had and things came together pretty well from there, I just finished a little later then I had hoped.


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