Audio Slideshow – Technical Difficulties

I enjoyed the creative, extensive process of producing my audio slideshow…especially because I was able to photograph such cute guide dog puppies! While I loved taking photos and had such a good time getting to know the dogs, I did not appreciate all the technical difficulties that have come about in the digital age. I always thought I was pretty computer savvy, but this one was too hard for me to crack. Before I could even scream “oh no”, in a second all of my digital files on my computer had vanished. No more high school photo memories, or better yet photos for my slideshow! My hard drive kept saying “error” and the problems continued to intensify. I’m not sure how many hairs from my head that I loss that night because of stress, but I knew I needed to crack down and do my best to improve upon the slideshow I had previously created…and start all over. Thank goodness for iPhones, one huge pro for technology, because all of my audio interview was still saved as a recording. I had an easy time interviewing my subject and our time was very comfortable and conversational. One huge issue was that we had to stay with the dogs in the park and couldn’t leave them alone…so there was nowhere for us to really interview privately. I tried removing the excess noise when editing my audio on my computer, but it was too natural to cut out. I felt like my good content outweighed the negative aspect of having background noise. I also wished the dogs could have barked for me to add more natural sound, but as guide dog puppies in training they are not allowed to bark. With this, I used the whining, jingling of the collar, and voices of children at the park watching the puppies.

Despite the issues, the project was extremely enjoyable. I can’t wait to expand upon this topic and produce my video…starring the guide dog puppies in training all in costume at their Halloween party! 


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