Brewing Slideshow Process

My audio slideshow went surprisingly smoothly. The brewing process lent itself marvelously to both images and audio. It was also a lot of fun. There were no technical hiccups along the way that would have caused me to miss a step of the process. I was able to take all of the pictures I needed to in order to make a completely illustrated depiction of the brewing methodology.

Had I had any hiccups, my entire slideshow could have been jeopardized. Brewing is a strictly regimented process that needs to be followed. I would not have had time to wait for my camera battery to charge, or to get more batteries for my recorder. There are specific times that the malts need to rest in the mash. Under-stewed mash can result in a tasteless beer. Over-stewed mash can cause the beer to taste overdone. The same applies to the hops I needed to be able to capture every step as it was happening.

In brewing, there is a lot of down time. This time is ideal for simply conversing with your friends and having a good time. Matthew and I were able to talk and get to know each other, all while making some delicious beer. During this time, he explained the process in an in-depth manner. I was able to learn an entire new science as well as participate in it.

Unfortunately, when we were transferring the wort to the carboys (glass jugs), one of them broke. Instead of a ten gallon batch, we ended up with a five gallon batch. Other than that, everything went fantastically. I made a new friend and a batch of delicious beer.

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I am an Advertising major at the University of Oregon with a multimedia minor. I love using my creative side to solve problems; I have always thought of myself as an idea man. I love socializing and meeting new people. I could eat burritos and sushi every single day for the rest of my life and I would be a happy man. I am happiest when I am spending time with my family and friends.

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