Always Learning No Matter How Experienced

By: Reed LeMans

I’ve had my fair share of multimedia assignments in my time at the University of Oregon. An audio-slideshow isn’t necessarily the hardest thing for me to put together. But I underestimated the difficulty of capturing images for my topic.

E-sports is still a growing industry, so the topic is somewhat difficult to find source material on here in Eugene. The University of Oregon League of Legends club seemed liked a great start. And it was to be fair.

My interview was great and the guy I talked to really knew how to liven up e-sports and inform me what the club was. Unfortunately the club had only recently started to get going again and had only one meeting in my window of time for the project. Luckily they had several other side events and trips I could take photos of, but it took a lot of my time and I still feel like I didn’t get enough variety. This may just be a result of the topic.

I’ll admit it is difficult to get enough interesting pictures of e-sports that are also varied in nature. Hopefully video will be a bit better since I can include live replays and castings. I would say for this project I should have gotten to my subject a little sooner to have a little more time for photos, but also have been more prepared for scare photo opportunities and planned my shots better.

I also wish I was better with captains in final cut because they didn’t come out as nice as I had hoped, so there is still some stuff on the editing table I could learn about even just for an audio-slideshow.


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