Audio Slideshow Ruminations

My experience with the audio slideshow was nearly a rote action by this point. I had an easy time finding my subject, as it is a subculture that I am modestly involved in as an amateur practitioner as well as a casual fan.

I found Anthony McDonald through my MMA instructor here at the University of Oregon. I was invited to attend his final pre-fight sparring and conditioning session.

The room contained nearly 30 people, all of them not wearing the traditional gi that is used for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training (but is falling out of favor in most gyms). All of the were in excellent shape, some were nearly body builder level physiques.

For three hours, all of the fighters circled each other, throwing punches and kicks. Others grappled with opponents on the ground. It was clear that every man in the room was a veteran of martial arts and committed to his craft.

I later would return to interview the subject of my story (McDonald) and would come to learn about his difficult past involving the Baltimore chapter of the Crip street gang and his time in combat serving in the U.S. Army in the Afghanistan theater.

Mr. McDonald was nothing but a gentleman, and had a positive philosophical outlook on his experiences. Many like to say that they came through adversity as a better person, but in McDonald’s case it is not a casual aside said to make oneself feel better. In his case it was the undeniable truth.

I did have a difficulty in forgetting to add natural sound to my project.

The editing process lasted for around 6 hours, and was an excellent reintroduction to Final Cut X. As an aside, I still hate Final Cut X.

The project file had not saved to my work computer as I had thought it did. Facing the prospect of entirely remaking the project from scratch, I decided to leave it as it was; not as good as it could be, but purer in a sense. Or perhaps that could be an aspect of artistic vainglory?


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