Remix Apparel Slideshow Experience

Remix Apparel Exchange Slideshow:

Remix Apparel Exchange from Jaclyn Umenhofer on Vimeo.

I thoroughly enjoyed working on the Remix Apparel Exchange video because it was visually interesting and the story was fun. Athena is such a sweet person– the video flowed well with her vocal narration.

My difficulties did rest in the audio. I had an incredibly difficult time with using my lav mic. Regardless of how I tried to record Athena’s voice, the audio had a buzzing that was unavoidable. I eventually disconnected the lav mic and Athena sat in my car for her interview.  My car was quiet and perfect for re-recording her audio. I did have to repetitiously ask her questions again; however, the audio was much better.

The visual aspect went well I thought. I did have one struggle with photos as well though. Taking photos into the evening can be tricky because I find it important to keep visual continuity within the photos that I use. Because the sun was setting around the time I stopped in for photos, I had to be careful of the light from the sun outside. Several shots were visually interesting with sunlight streaming in, but they did not carry visual continuity for the purpose of the project and telling a story.  I kept this in mind when selecting photos for my slideshow.

Overall, I felt that the project went well. If I were to do this video over, I would consider collecting some more natural sound from the shop. Perhaps some zippers and vocals of clothing exchanges.



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