A #flexitarianism Pinterest Board

A Pinterest board on flexitarianism that I have been updating throughout the term.

By: Christina Renninger 

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 4.58.29 PM

This week I decided to reveal my Pinterest board that I have been working on since around week 4. Pinterest is a great website to find what other people are saying about a topic, and in my case, what they are cooking. My goal was to pin a variety of recipes, but to also find other useful Pinterest boards and websites that I could use for research.

In order to obey the flexible rules of the diet, I made sure to include mostly plant-based recipes. However, I did include a variety of meat and fish recipes. For example, I pinned recipes for salmon, lamb, and chicken. I also tried to pin helpful resources for fellow flexitarians like, foods with high energy, facts on kale, and links to books. I didn’t want my board to be limited to only recipes. However, there are plenty of recipes on it.

I tried to cater to the holiday season and pin recipes that were appropriate for Thanksgiving and such. I found that the Buzz Feed Pinterest was helpful for seasonal recipes and pinned consistently.

Finally, I included a description about my board that makes it easy for followers to read what I am trying to do with it. I also occasionally used the hash tag #j333 in my pin descriptions and tried to write them so that they would be helpful for followers.

Click here to check it out!

Puppy Training GIF’s

1. Sit: Dogs need a visual cue to focus on. It’s easier for them to focus on gestures than words so I hold my index and middle finer up with my thumb and say sit so eventually Murphy will correlate the motion with the word. He gets a treat when sits. GIF 1 (Sit)





2. Lay: To teach a dog the lay command, once they are in the sit position take a treat and hold it in front of their face and slowly bring the treat to the ground while saying lay. The dog will follow the treat. Trace the treat across the floor until the dog is in a full lay position then let them have the treat. Actual Lay GIf





3. Focus: The focus command is one of the most basic commands of dog training. Once they are in the sit position, say their name and point to your eye while saying focus to get them to look you in the eye and focus on what you are saying. It’s a way to let the dog know that you aren’t just saying their name but need their attention. Actual Focus Gif





4. Leave it: The leave it command is used when getting your dog to not be intrigued by an item that they shouldn’t be. The first step is to place something that the dog would be interested in on a chair and move it around to peak their interest. When they move toward the item wave your hand in front of their face and say leave it. Do this until they lose interest then give them a better treat. Eventually your dog should get to the point where you can place the treat on the floor in front of them and just say leave it and they will. Murphy isn’t there yet. Gif 4 (Leave it)





5. Take it: The next step after the leave it command is to be able to hold a treat in your open palm not have your dog eat the treat until you tell them to take it. Take it Gif





6. Leave it and Take it Together: Here’s how the process should look together. Take it and Leave it togerther gif





7. Stay: The stay command can be done in several different ways. First you have to make your dog sit and then tell them to focus on you while slowly backing away from them telling them to stay. If their eyes drift, then stop backing away and ask them to focus again. Another way is to hold a spoon of peanut butter in front of their face and walk around them in a circle while telling them to stay. Once again Murphy isn’t there yet. Stay Gif





8. Drop it: The Drop it command is used when teaching and playing the fetch game. When your dog has the toy in their mouth you take a treat and put it near their mouth and say drop it while putting it in their mouth. Swapping the toy for the treat. Drop it GIF

Herbivore Clothing Company

ImageAfter weeks of emailing and tweeting and calling, Herbivore Clothing Company finally got back to me and agreed to do an in-store interview! Keep in mind that in-store interview = subpar audio quality. But the store was the perfect setting to film in, and the owner was wonderful. (hereit is, finally.)

Video: The store was relatively small, so there wasn’t a whole lot of different angles to get, but I feel like I did a pretty good job getting everything in there at least once. The bookshelf that I did a part of the interview in front of was really colorful and bright and made for the perfect backdrop. I felt that since his personality was also so outgoing and colorful that it fit perfectly in front of a loud wall of books.

Audio: Oh, audio, you kill me. I tried two different audio sources, but since he kept talking to people who were coming in, great for customer service, although bad for my interview, I ended up having to use the sound from the camera. I tried using Audacity to get the background noise out of there, while also adding a little that I took from the store so it wasn’t completely silent, but it may have been a little much.

All in all, I really loved interviewing John, and the store remains to be one of my favorites in NE Portland. He was such a pleasure to meet, and I honestly can say that there wasn’t a single awkward silence throughout the entire couple of hours that I was there. Making connections and meeting small business owners is really what I feel this project to be about, and in the end, I can’t complain.

Who doesn’t love animal GIFs?

Hello all!

It’s week 9 which means many things: next week is week ten, many of us are done with this term in week 10 (yay!), Thanksgiving is this week, classes are cancelled, AND Sydne is posting small animal GIFs on the blog. Yes, this is a magical week for us all.

So this whole term I have been focusing mostly on the dogs. I just couldn’t help myself, I LOVE DOGS. But the great and wise Suzi mentioned that maybe I should show some love to the others.

I made these GIFs with text trying to promote the animals’ adoption. I could have gone oh so many ways with these; I really wanted to make them funny and inappropriate, but they had to pertain to real life and Greenhill Humane Society itself. Let’s see if I can imbed them in the blog…

Above, you should see a “cat fight” about who is getting adopted first. Kitties are so prissy.

This little kitty, ok, kind of a big kitty, is begging you to take her home.

Hygiene is key.

Poor cat has been neglected by his previous owner and now this rude cat.

Bunnies need homes too!

I don’t know if I scared this guinea pig or if he was just lazy.

Power to the vegetarians!

Snowflake is SO soft and such a sweet bunny 🙂

Kittens and cats are adoptable for anywhere from $35 to $95, depending on their age/breed. Kittens are generally more expensive.

The rabbits at Greenhill are $50 and the guinea pigs are $20.

When rats, hamsters, and gerbils are sheltered, their adoption price is $10.

All the animals who are adopted from Greenhill Humane Society have had veterinary  care and have been spayed or neutered. Come on guys, small animals are much easier to care for than dogs, so go get a kitty cat or a bunny!