Coffee Shop Filming

Shooting B-roll of a coffee shop doesn’t sound like it would be too difficult. The building can’t move, so the footage won’t be blurry, and I can easily go back anytime to capture more images. Sounds easy, right?

Perugino is located at 767 Willamette Street, which happens to be an extremely busy street. While attempting to get wide shots, I had to deal with cars and bicyclists constantly going by. I wasn’t able to get a clear shot for more than five or six seconds. Also, there is street parking on both sides of Willamette. Luckily, the spot directly in front of Perugino was vacant. However, the other side of the street was filled with cars so I had to maneuver the tripod in between cars. If there had been a vehicle in front of Perugino, the shot would have been much harder to get.

Close-ups weren’t too difficult to capture. Another problem I encountered though was due to lack of experience in filming. Gateway is the only class I’ve taken that actually required us to film. Zooming in and out smoothly and panning from the street to the coffee shop was much harder than I remember. Practice and time will definitely help.

Overall, filming wasn’t as easy as I had expected. Fortunately, every problem can be solved.


Image by Nicole Daniel


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