Filming the Monster Mash


The focus of my video was the 6th Annual Monster Mash event that took place last Sunday, October 27th in Alton Baker Park. The Monster Mash is a 1K run for kids ages 14 and under, as well as a 5K run/walk for anyone who wants to participate. The course is along the Willamette River and is runner, walker, stroller, and even dog friendly. As was encouraged, many of the participants chose to dress up in spirited Halloween costumes. The event is presented by KIDSPORTS and Slocum: center for orthopedics & sports medicine. I had the chance to speak with Bev Smith, current director of Kid Sports.


Unfortunately, my camera ran out of battery before I had the opportunity to interview Bev, so I was only able to record the audio of our conversation. I also had an issue with the music that was playing during the event. There was no way to avoid it being in the background of my conversation with Bev, but I tried to get as far away from it as possible. I think I might need to find music to play with some of the b-roll to avoid using the audio that has music playing in it. The good news is that I have plenty of B-roll from filming the 1K and 5K. My challenge will be coming up with a creative and effective way to tell a story.



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