Greenhill Volunteering: Shooting the Video

I went to Greenhill Humane Society for the hundredth time on Tuesday. They’re probably starting to get sick of me there. This time I was able to hang out with some of the volunteers there. I had briefly spoken to a few volunteers on my other visits, but this time my focus was on what a volunteer’s duties are at the shelter and how the volunteer system works.

Because I couldn’t cover all of the volunteer positions at the shelter, I focused on volunteering with the dogs–mostly on the dog walking and companion positions. I was able to play with Prince and Huggs in two different yards at the shelter while asking the volunteers that were with them a little bit about what they do. I realized getting good audio would be impossible in these areas so I decided to gather information from them and then create a script for myself to narrate my video. Finding the right whitebalance for the camera was difficult as well because everything was illuminated by the bright sun that day.Image

Wide shots were easy enough to get, but the close-ups gave me hell. The whole time I was there the volunteers and dogs were moving (obviously) so closeups were rough to capture. I was also able to walk one of the trails with a volunteer named Julie and the dog she was walking, Bella, and that proved pretty much impossible to film. Walking + filming does not equal good footage. But, I was able to get a lot of useful information from Julie and enjoy the sunshine!


You can see the walking paths to the left and right of the shelter. I learned that the dogs get walked for 30 minutes by volunteers who sign up for which dog they are taking on a whiteboard outside the kennel. In all, I got some good footage, a lot of bad footage, but also a lot of useful information!


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