burrito break down?

Like everyone else, my video was not without it’s share of problems. Lucky for me, I still had delicious burritos to soothe my pain. The main issue with my attempt at filming was no burrito place was willing to let me into their kitchens to film, because it’s a health code violation. I don’t think I am the only person who had that problem. Maybe if I was focusing on Thai places, then I could film the kitchens in the front of Sweet Basil. Alas, I am focusing on burritos, and so I had to improvise. This is where I ran into my next problem, but this one was entirely of my own doing.

While recording the audio for my earlier slideshow I failed to renew my checkout of the recorder on time. Twice. The first time I was late by four minutes, but they aren’t kidding around this year. The second time, I was late by two days and I was deservedly barred from checking out any equipment for two weeks. Unfortunately, this video project fell in those two weeks, and so I recorded everything with my phone. Unfortunately, my framing is very poor, hence the extensive close-ups on the ingredients, but I think that with an instructional food video that’s probably preferred to some grimy college kid talking. With that in mind, I’m pretty satisfied with the quality. And the burritos. Muy delicioso.

Here’s a behind the scenes look of everything before I prepared it:



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