Hopelessness to Happiness

Yes, we were supposed to do a blog about our video progress however, because of how catastrophic my week/weekend was (apparently the same goes for other students as well), I decided to wrap up my experience in this blog post.

ImageI’d like to start off by stating that I don’t feel that I am usually the student with a million excuses and it irks me to think that that is how I may come off– but I SWEAR things just keep happening. Let’s begin with the good- I got my footage and there were no major technical malfunctions. However, the one major issue was that I had been told I could film in the kitchen but when I showed up to shoot my footage, the owner changed her mind; she didn’t even want me behind the counter. I was ok with my footage, but not overly enthused about any of it.


I was scheduled to work all day Friday and Saturday, but I had planned to spend all day in the lab editing my video on Sunday. Here’s the part I didn’t tell Suzi because I didn’t want to sound like I was just making up a ‘whoa is me’ story, but I got food poisoning on Saturday, so the worst of it hit me Sunday. (Insert frowny face). I still tried to go to the lab, but realized it was better for everyone that I not stay. Ok, Monday then… I still had work, but I rushed to the lab where I worked on my project for several hours when FINAL CUT CRASHED ON ME. (Insert very frowny face).

Now, I am not an overly dramatic person- normally- but I just about went bananas when this happened. It froze, I waited 25 minutes, no tech helpers were here because it was late, and I was forced to try and reboot, hoping that my work saved on my trusty hard drive. It didn’t. My project was nowhere to be found. I did what I could, then called it a (late) night.

I’m happy to report that my video turned out alright, with only minor audio hiccups, but I really feel like I did the best I could with what I had.

And without further ado:


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