The 2nd Annual Monster Mash

Looking Back

Overall, I believe that the process of making this video went a lot more smoothly than the process of making the audio slideshow. Though I certainly experienced my fair share of challenges and set-backs, as expected, I think the final product came out a lot better than I had anticipated.

It was a great event for shooting b-roll. I captured about 30 minutes worth of b-roll during the 3 hours I was there. So I ended up with plenty of material to use. This ended up being a really great thing because one of my biggest set-backs was not filming my interview. Unfortunately I ran out of battery before I was able to meet with the person I was interviewing. Thankfully, I had an audio recorder with me so I used it to record the audio of my conversation with Bev Smith, director of Kidsports. Without any video of Bev, I had to be creative with how I was going to introduce her in my video. Fortunately I was able to take a good picture of her at the event. So I chose to introduce her with the image before she begins speaking in the video.

My conversation with Bev went well except there was one point when I had to make a tricky edit. I asked Bev if the event would continue in the future and she responded with, “Oh Yes! It was definitely continue!…”. It was very difficult to edit this statement because she said it so quickly. I ended up having to keep the “Yes” in it because it didn’t sound natural without it. It would’ve been best if I had asked her to repeat the statement but I didn’t realize it was an issue until I was at home editing it later that night.

Another issue I faced was the background music in everything I recorded at the event (including my conversation with Bev). I soon discovered that the music was unavoidable because there were speakers everywhere. One way I addressed this problem in my video was by finding a free song online and playing it was b-roll from the event. Overall, I think the video turned out okay. There were a few issues and challenges but I think I’m more satisfied with result than I expected to be.



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