Metal, Screeching and Coffee?

By Nicole Daniel

This project, like most assignments this term, did not start out smoothly. I had originally planned on interviewing the owner of Perugino for the video project. However, after calling and leaving a message with the manager, I never heard back. I even went to the coffee shop and wrote a message for the owner, which the employee promised she would give to him. After another day of no reply, I called Global Delights and set up an interview.

The interview itself went very well. It was a little difficult managing the camera and the audio recorder at the same time, especially while we were walking around the warehouse, but I left feeling confident. Roughly two hours later, while sitting at my computer preparing to edit the video, all excitement and pride vanished. The sounds that were coming out of the audio recorder were similar to metal going through a wood chipper. The interview was completely ruined. Luckily (well, kind of), my digital camera that I had used to film captured the audio. However, during the interview the tripod was positioned roughly six feet away from the owners. The audio is echoey and fuzzy, but still useable. Scheduling another interview was not an option due to conflicting available times, so I was stuck with it.

One lesson I learned from this experience is to always have a backup. Even though I had tested the audio recorder in my apartment before the interview, there is no way I would have ever known something like that would go wrong (clearly). Maybe next time I’ll bring three recorders!


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