The Urban Farm in GIFs

A look at how the Urban Farm operates on a rainy Saturday morning. 

By: Christina Renninger 


Every Saturday morning from 10:30 to 12:30 students gather at the Urban Farm to work on their harvest. The Urban Farm has been around for 35 years and serves as an envrionment where students can gain hands on experience of working on a farm. The plus side to this class is that students get to take home the food that they grow. Now you might be wondering how this ties in with my topic of flexitarianism. Well, students in the program learn about the local food shed of Lane county but also the advantages to eating an organic plant based diet. Enter the flexitarian.

This Saturday in particular (November 1st) students gathered with their instructor, Harper Keeler, to do some maintenance around the farm. With the Fall season in full swing, much of the work included raking and watering plants inside the greenhouses.

Below are GIFs with captions that I made with my raw footage from the farm. This was my first attempt at creating GIFs and I hope to use them again.


A span of the Urban Farm


Students sign in and then grab the tools they need from the work shed.


Maintenance includes raking and tidying up the farm.


Tidying up the farm beds that at this time of year include lettuce, kale, and other seasonal plants.

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