Review for Resale Video

A review of my final video.

Thrift and Resale Shopping: A way of life for Eric Medina

I really enjoyed creating this video. There are several critiques I have though for things I would have done differently.

Firstly, some of the shots are a bit out of focus due to movement and lighting. Some of the shots were fast paced and it was hard to follow my subject and keep the focus in check.

Secondly, the lighting was an issue as far as the interview went. I would have liked to been in a more lit spot; however, the subject’s room seemed like a great place to capture the interview. I liked the fact that he was candid and in his own space. I was also able to grab a bit of b-roll of him getting into his closet.

Third, I did love adding the royalty free music to the video. I felt that the song really complimented the tone of the video and made it a bit more upbeat. The song also used the lyrics “I don’t want you” which seemed like a good metaphor for all of the resale and donated items in the video.

If doing this project over, I would fix the interview lighting and the graininess of focusing.



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