Life of a Dancer

University of Oregon senior Megan Duling knows she may end up working a coffee shop for a bit after she receives her diploma in June. But she’s okay with that. If it means living in Seattle and auditioning for top dancing companies in the nation, she’ll be perfectly happy.

The 21-year-old gets many negative comments about her chosen path. Why pay so much money to go through schooling just to be a struggling dancer after college? For Megan, her passion for dance is worth it. And the support from her friends and family keep her going day after day.

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About Brittany Nguyen

I am a sophomore studying advertising and journalism at the University of Oregon. As the current public relations vice president for Gamma Phi Beta - Nu chapter and in transition to become the next creative director Ethos Magazine, my free time is limited but I enjoy staying busy. In my free time I enjoy reading a good book or exploring the beautiful Eugene, Oregon.

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