Breaking down Ballet

I was super lucky to have found Megan Duling to be my subject for my video project.

She is charismatic, one of the top dancers in the school and very passionate about what she does. Though she was a bit shy for the camera, throughout the two weeks I shadowed her, I could feel her warm up to the idea.

The process itself was actually pretty smooth, except for a few technical issues. My memory card ran out, so I attempted the interview on my iPhone. The audio quality was so low that I had to redo the interview entirely – luckily Megan was okay doing so!

She was very flexible when it came to meeting up with her – I was able to get shots of her dancing solo as well as sitting in on her class. I was nervous to do so, but the instructor was absolutely hilarious and very welcoming. I felt comfortable walking in and around tangles of legs, pointe shoes and bags.

Unfortunately, Megan got sick during the first week I was filming. There were other opportunities for more shots that got cancelled because she was home instead eating soup. I’m sure she didn’t enjoy doing that, either.

Overall it was a great experience. Filming ballet is HARD! It’s hard to figure out when to keep the camera still and when to pan it – and how to pan it. But I feel like I got some great shots of her and overall I’m very satisfied with the way it turned out.

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About Brittany Nguyen

I am a sophomore studying advertising and journalism at the University of Oregon. As the current public relations vice president for Gamma Phi Beta - Nu chapter and in transition to become the next creative director Ethos Magazine, my free time is limited but I enjoy staying busy. In my free time I enjoy reading a good book or exploring the beautiful Eugene, Oregon.

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