Pinterest Page!

Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 1.01.05 AMHere it is!

I’ve decided to create a “Vegetarian ThingsPinterest page. I’m always finding so many recipes, products, brands that I want to try, but it’s hard to remember what they are/where to find them. Therefore, I have created this board to organize my thoughts. It’s still a little empty, but I don’t want to fill it with just anyhing. So I’m taking my time and finding my favorites!

The recipes are an obvious choice of pin, but vegetarian products are a thing that I’ve recently gotten into. The fact that they aren’t tested on animals makes them even better!

The caption of the board is one of my favorite quotes. “Now I can look at you in peace; i don’t eat you any more.” -Franz Kafka. I love this quote, not necessarily Kafka himself as he was a womanizer and kind of an ass, but he was a brilliant writer. Off topic, the point, is that to me, this quote is beautiful in some way and I thought it would be perfect for the board.

Like I said, it isn’t by any means a board filled with a million pins, but I feel that it’s a process, and meaningful pins will come in time. But as this process continues, go check it out, because I think that it’s pretty darn cool. (:


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