Ever heard of Storify? I hadn’t until this term. I decided to give it a trial run for this week’s explorations in the ballet world and decided that I like it, a lot. I see it as an online bulletin board displaying my social media research on whatever topic I desire.

This week, I wanted to see what ballet dancers have to say about, well, being ballet dancers.

As a journalism student at the University of Oregon, we use the hashtag #LifeasaJStudent to display our woes of what we consider the hardships of working hard on projects within the journalism world. Our woes are usually similar – too much coffee and too many hours spent staring at inDesign grids – so I wanted to see if it was the same for ballet students. I looked up #BalletLife and #BallerinaLife to see what it’s all about.

Read it here. I chuckled at the similarities of tweets. Whereas we complain about being too caffeinated and the spinning wheel of death, they complain about sleep deprivation and leotards. We use these kinds of hashtags to relate to each other, but they don’t necessarily apply, pertain nor do they relate to anyone outside of our realms.

It made me realize how powerful Twitter, and hashtags for that matter, can be in terms of creating community. These people sharing these two hashtags don’t know each other, aren’t from the same parts of the country, yet their woes are just the same. They share one thing in common – their love for ballet.


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