a delicious wrap-up

As week 8 draws to a close, the end of the search is in sight. The competition for Eugene’s best burrito has been fierce, but also delicious. I was planning on doing more with the bracket (http://challonge.com/eugeneburritos), like score breakdowns and pictures and a short review, but the website does not really allow for the interactivity I have in mind. It also does not help that I seem to have forgotten the password. Don’t do that.

However, the bracket must go on, and it shall. For week 9 I plan on making an interactive PDF with the completed bracket and information, which will be an interesting experience because it will essentially be a crash course on InDesign, a program which I am not too familiar with. I’m sure it will be fine. Good practice right? And if it gets too hectic, well, I know a good burrito spot to help me relax. And soon you will too!

For this week’s multimedia project however, I compiled most of the tweets I have made on this topic into a Storify, which will help serve as the basis for the interactive PDF. And so, without further ado:



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