Pizza Pinterest Board


Yours truly created a #J333 Pizza Board on Pinterest. This is a great way to compile recipes from different food blog sites all over the internet. I wanted to gather recipes that would appeal to people with all different dietary needs; there are gluten free, vegetarian, paleo diet, vegan, health conscious, carnivorous, and seafood pizza recipes.

In addition to conturing the board to different dietary needs or preferences, it was important to offer recipes with different flavor profiles. Types of pizza flavors included: Korean, Indian, classic Italian, and Southwestern, as well as varieties of breakfast and dessert pizzas.

The Pinterest board also consists of pizzas with various sauce base, cheese, crust and topping choices. Some of the recipes call for traditional crust and others have an alternative kind, like whole wheat, cauliflower, gluten free, english muffin, or flatbread crusts.

The most important thing when creating this board was to include a wide variety of pizza choices that would appeal to all different appetites. I also wanted to make sure that all of the links contained recipes, not just images, and weren’t advertising too many specific brands. And, of course, I only chose the links with photos that I found visually appealing, as well as recipes that I thought would taste good.


Click Pizza Pinterest Board to view.


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