Who doesn’t love animal GIFs?

Hello all!

It’s week 9 which means many things: next week is week ten, many of us are done with this term in week 10 (yay!), Thanksgiving is this week, classes are cancelled, AND Sydne is posting small animal GIFs on the blog. Yes, this is a magical week for us all.

So this whole term I have been focusing mostly on the dogs. I just couldn’t help myself, I LOVE DOGS. But the great and wise Suzi mentioned that maybe I should show some love to the others.

I made these GIFs with text trying to promote the animals’ adoption. I could have gone oh so many ways with these; I really wanted to make them funny and inappropriate, but they had to pertain to real life and Greenhill Humane Society itself. Let’s see if I can imbed them in the blog…

Above, you should see a “cat fight” about who is getting adopted first. Kitties are so prissy.

This little kitty, ok, kind of a big kitty, is begging you to take her home.

Hygiene is key.

Poor cat has been neglected by his previous owner and now this rude cat.

Bunnies need homes too!

I don’t know if I scared this guinea pig or if he was just lazy.

Power to the vegetarians!

Snowflake is SO soft and such a sweet bunny 🙂

Kittens and cats are adoptable for anywhere from $35 to $95, depending on their age/breed. Kittens are generally more expensive.

The rabbits at Greenhill are $50 and the guinea pigs are $20.

When rats, hamsters, and gerbils are sheltered, their adoption price is $10.

All the animals who are adopted from Greenhill Humane Society have had veterinary  care and have been spayed or neutered. Come on guys, small animals are much easier to care for than dogs, so go get a kitty cat or a bunny!


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