Herbivore Clothing Company

ImageAfter weeks of emailing and tweeting and calling, Herbivore Clothing Company finally got back to me and agreed to do an in-store interview! Keep in mind that in-store interview = subpar audio quality. But the store was the perfect setting to film in, and the owner was wonderful. (hereit is, finally.)

Video: The store was relatively small, so there wasn’t a whole lot of different angles to get, but I feel like I did a pretty good job getting everything in there at least once. The bookshelf that I did a part of the interview in front of was really colorful and bright and made for the perfect backdrop. I felt that since his personality was also so outgoing and colorful that it fit perfectly in front of a loud wall of books.

Audio: Oh, audio, you kill me. I tried two different audio sources, but since he kept talking to people who were coming in, great for customer service, although bad for my interview, I ended up having to use the sound from the camera. I tried using Audacity to get the background noise out of there, while also adding a little that I took from the store so it wasn’t completely silent, but it may have been a little much.

All in all, I really loved interviewing John, and the store remains to be one of my favorites in NE Portland. He was such a pleasure to meet, and I honestly can say that there wasn’t a single awkward silence throughout the entire couple of hours that I was there. Making connections and meeting small business owners is really what I feel this project to be about, and in the end, I can’t complain.


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