A #flexitarianism Pinterest Board

A Pinterest board on flexitarianism that I have been updating throughout the term.

By: Christina Renninger 

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 4.58.29 PM

This week I decided to reveal my Pinterest board that I have been working on since around week 4. Pinterest is a great website to find what other people are saying about a topic, and in my case, what they are cooking. My goal was to pin a variety of recipes, but to also find other useful Pinterest boards and websites that I could use for research.

In order to obey the flexible rules of the diet, I made sure to include mostly plant-based recipes. However, I did include a variety of meat and fish recipes. For example, I pinned recipes for salmon, lamb, and chicken. I also tried to pin helpful resources for fellow flexitarians like, foods with high energy, facts on kale, and links to books. I didn’t want my board to be limited to only recipes. However, there are plenty of recipes on it.

I tried to cater to the holiday season and pin recipes that were appropriate for Thanksgiving and such. I found that the Buzz Feed Pinterest was helpful for seasonal recipes and pinned consistently.

Finally, I included a description about my board that makes it easy for followers to read what I am trying to do with it. I also occasionally used the hash tag #j333 in my pin descriptions and tried to write them so that they would be helpful for followers.

Click here to check it out!


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