A Tale of Two Pizza Tumblrs









In search of inspiring pizza blogs, I stumbled upon, or rather tumbled upon, two Tumblr sites that do a pretty decent job of relaying their pizza expertise. Though the aforementioned blogs have a plethora of information, as well as interesting visual, I must say that I had to sift through a cesspool of “pizza” blogs on Tumblr, many of which mention little to nothing about the tasty pie. Although there were many blogs that included pictures of One Direction and Hunger Games GIFs, I was most impressed by Scott’s Pizza Journal and F**k Yeah Vegan Pizza, both of which brought interesting pizza knowledge to the table and differing areas of expertise.


Scott’s Pizza Journal, titled Scott’s Pizza Tours, takes the tumbler on the adventures of blogger, author and entrepreneur Scott Wiener. In 2008, Wiener took his passion for pizza and created a business offering pizza tours in New York. The tours became one of the top customer-ranked businesses of the kind, and several years later Wiener expanded his tours to include guided culinary adventures in new cities.  While visiting pizzerias, he was also able to publish Viva la Pizza! The Art of the Pizza Box based on his pizza box collection he had accumulated over time. Wiener’s blog includes maps that pinpoint his excursions (outside New York, also), photos (including tourists, food, and the restaurants), product reviews of pizza ingredients for the home cook, news/reviews about Wiener and his book, as well as some entertaining GIFs and videos. The blog is lively, colorful, and informative. I especially appreciated the product reviews, because it shows that he really cares about food and bloggers’ home cooking experience– not just about promoting his business. Wiener also takes time to write long blog posts, which often include a lot of history and observation about the various restaurants he’s writing about. This Tumblr site is a definite win for pizza and food nerds, like myself.



F**K Yeah Vegan Pizza is a blog by spark-plug Kelly Garbato, a self-proclaimed vegan, feminist, and animal enthusiast (according to her Twitter page). Garbato often posts delicious looking vegan pizzas followed by an amusing, corresponding meme or GIF.


 The blog provides recipes, food and personal photos, and an abundance of vegan knowledge, including many useful ingredient tips for building a vegan pizza. Her blog is informative, lively (due to the GIFs), and funny because of the many pop culture and comedic memes/GIFs. For someone who has only tried vegan pizza a handful of times, I must admit that Garbato’s blog makes them look not only appetizing but also approachable to make. This Tumblr site is not only great for vegans, but also for the average pizza lover looking to try something new.


Both Tumbler blogs were extraordinarily informational, interesting, esthetically pleasingly put together, and entertaining. Tumblr might not be the best forum for finding a bunch of high quality, thoughtful blogs, but it is definitely possible to find some diamonds in the rough. 



(Side note: I have no idea why there is so much room at the top of my post, I tried forever to fix this but couldn’t resolve it.)


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