….and that’s a wrap

Here is the finished burrito bracket:


Dropbox’s web viewer is a little funky, but the interactivity functions correctly when downloaded. What Dropbox’s web viewer does highlight well however, is how InDesign is clearly not intended to create large-scale interactive PDFs. As the first time I’ve ever really used InDesign, this was a frustrating challenge to discover. The way hyperlinks work inside InDesign, no matter the shape you’re trying to define, it will end up recognizing it as a rectangle. No matter what.

This is problematic when you have a radial bracket, where there are very few “neat” rectangles, and as such, many of the hyperlinks overlap at various points, despite my best efforts to retain them within their respective colors. If a particular hyperlink appears to be broken, try clicking around the edge of the bracket of where you’re trying to view and it should work flawlessly.

Other than the problems with hyperlinks, I actually didn’t have too much trouble with the design/construction of the bracket, and it really confirmed for me that radial brackets are far superior than the standard bracket we’re all used to. They provide the same information, if not much more, in a much neater, condensed design, saving you valuable screen space & help keep the aesthetics of your design as neat as possible.

if you’ve read down to this space and still haven’t checked out the bracket I guess I’ll just tell you now: Taqueria Mi Tierra beat out El Super Burrito by a hair [both perfect 15’s, then atmosphere/service 5 to 4] for the best burrito spot in Eugene.

You should try them both and decide for yourselves though, as by no means is this a definitive guide, merely a handy reference tool for your own burrito adventures.

Happy grubbing!



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