Puppy Cam

Puppy Cam’s are one of the newest internet crazes. Breeders, shelters, and pet stores have taken to placing cameras in the pens with the puppies that connect directly to the internet. These cameras show live feeds of the puppies during the day in order to try and get more attention to their puppies.

Schnauzer Puppy Cam:

Husky Puppy Cam:

English Bulldog Puppy Cam:

Broder Collie Puppy Cam:

PetSmart in Eugene hosts adoptions through various charities at points in the year. Andrea Ashburn, a trainer at the Eugene area PetSmart, said that PetSmart does not employ the use of puppy cams because of the corporate structure. But she believes that “Puppy Cam’s are a good tool for shelters to use because those are the dogs that really need to have a home and any way to get them a home should be used as much as possible.”

Jaclyn Rudebeck, the director of operations at Greenhill Humane Society believes that the shelter would be benefitted by the use of puppy cams. “It’s been talked about in recent meetings but we haven’t come to a decision yet. I think that it would help get attention to Greenhill at the very least and it might help adoption rates. Hopefully we can get some puppy cams soon so that some of these dogs can get good homes.”

So, if you are looking to adopt a dog and aren’t sure what breed of dog to choose or can’t decide which dog to take home you can watch them all day on puppy cams to see which one is most likely to fit your individual lifestyle.


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